Florence 2023

Agenda & Workshops
Sunday, May 7th, 2023

09:00 am

Welcome Speech Amira Makhlouf

09:40 am

Elia Nichols

10:10 am

Dr Michelle Nemec

10:50 am

Coffee Break

11:30 am

Esther Jones

12:10 pm

WORKSHOP: Sangeeta Laura Biagi, Ph.D.

01:00 pm

Lunch break

02:30 pm

Jomana Zoabi

03:10 pm

Dunya Makhlouf

03:45 pm

Coffee Break

04:30 pm

Renee Cage

05:10 pm

Erika Allison

05:45 pm

MJ Maher

06:30 pm

WORKSHOP - Dunya Makhlouf and Closing ceremony

Our Speakers

Dunya Makhlouf

Ceo of 2lead business mentoring & marketing and author

Hope up: is hope worth having in hopeless life?

Jumana Zoabi

Project Leader of Story Teller

From My experience

Sangeeta Laura Biagi, Ph.D

Yoga of Sound, Voice & Health coach workshop

What is your relationship with your voice?

Elia Nichols

Public Speaking & communications Coach

How to Look More Confident and Powerful using an Actor’s secrets

Michelle Nemec

Mindset Keynote Speaker Compelling and unforgettable

Resilience, mindset for impact Reboot, renounce - Recoil

MJ Maher

Group analyst, professional speaker, retired mental health nurse

Author of Suicide prevention: the traffic light System of Survival

Rev. Esther Jones-Alley

Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach

Are you ready to answer the call?

Renee Cage

Lifestyle Strategist, Mental Health Therapist

Are you putting yourself first? The art of being unapologetically selfish

Erika Allison

Activator, Catalyst & Disrupter

Shifting paradigms

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